Traineeships in another Member State

Last updated 13 November 2020

How can you have a traineeship carried out during a university course in an EU Member State or in a third country recognised in Italy?
In order to ensure that a traineeship you carried out abroad can be recognised in Italy, it will have to be completed during a course of study that involves an agreement between Italian universities and institutions, universities, bodies accredited or recognised abroad or with any foreign professional associations. The duration of the traineeship must be at least three months and not more than six months and can only be carried out face to face.
Who to contact You will have to contact an Italian university (see Universitaly on the institutional website)
If you completed your traineeship abroad, please find below the requirements it must meet in order to be recognised by an Italian university:


  • Training project: the traineeship includes a training project, which must have been signed off by the job supervisor/mentor and the university or department concerned. The training project includes goals and contents, main activities and final assessment procedures.
  • Tasks of the Supervisor: the supervisor/mentor is in charge of educational and organisational aspects of the training and vocational activities. He or she must be in possession of the requirements laid down by regulations in force in the country where the traineeship is to be carried out; the supervisor/mentor must certify the final outcome of the traineeship, which can be validated by the College Board with local jurisdiction.
  • International University Exchange: when authorised by the University, the trainee may carry out periods of training abroad to supplement the traineeship carried out in Italy, provided they are carried out with foreign institutions that are recognised or accredited in the foreign country.

Relevant legislation:
Directive 2005/36/EC and 2013/55/EU

Legislative Decree No 206 of 9 November 2007 - Implementation of Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications and Directive 2006/100/EC adapting certain Directives in the field of free movement of persons by reason of the accession of Bulgaria and Romania;

Presidential Decree No 328/2001 Amendments and additions to the rules governing admission to the State examination and the related tests for the pursuit of certain professions, and the rules governing the relevant legal systems. (Italian Official Gazette General Series No 190 of 17 August 2001 - Ordinary Supplement No 212);

Presidential Decree No 137/2012 Regulation concerning the reform of professional regulations, pursuant to Article 3(5) of Decree-Law No 138 of 13 August 2011, converted, with amendments, from Law No 148 of 14 September 2011. (12G0159) (Official Gazette General Series No 189 of 14 August 2012);

Ministerial Decree No 1135 of 11 December 2019 — Guidelines on the organisation and recognition of traineeships carried out in a Member State of the European Union or in a third country, in particular on the role of the traineeship supervisor.

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